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Protein powder has revolutionized how our bodies get protein. This has given an advantage to everyone who uses protein powder – from those looking to put on muscle to those who want to slim down.

Here are 3 reasons why protein powder is useful.


1. Protein powder is easy to take.

When it comes to food, liquid foods are alway quicker to eat than solid foods.

For example, to get the amount of vitamins and nutrition in a single V8 can of juice, you’d have to eat this many vegetables.

Who has the time and patience to eat this much (aside from cows)?

Most protein powders can be mixed with water and drunk in several gulps.

This is why protein powders are so great: rather than sitting down and cooking a meal, you can get protein in a convenient, liquid form. There’s another benefit to liquid foods as well.


2.Protein powder digests fast.

Did you know that it takes 4-6 hours for a steak to fully digest? And what do you do when your body is aching after a hard workout – shove a pork chop down your throat?

For most people, meat is the primary source of protein in a diet. The problem with meat though, is that it is incredibly tough for the stomach to break down. This not only leads to indigestion, but also stomach pains.

Unlike meat, protein powder digests incredibly quickly. Most protein powders are fine powders and soluble, meaning that it takes a very short time for the stomach to digest them when taken with water. Short digesting time = fast absorption time. If you don’t believe me, just tell your kids to chug a can of soda and see what happens 10 minutes later.


3. Protein powder is cost effective.

Notice that I didn’t say cheap, because the price range is vast.

Protein powder is cost effective.

Normal protein sources, such meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and milk are all great and primary ways to get protein. Vegans, however, have to explore the variety of foods out there to ensure that they get enough protein in their diet, especially if they are active and need additional protein in their diet.

One reason protein is so useful is that it’s nutrient dense. If you were to buy tofu at the store, for example, a lot of what you are buying is water. So when instead of buying a block of tofu, we can actually just take 2 scoops of soy protein.

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