A vanilla cherry recovery shake. Photo credit: VegaTeam
A vanilla cherry recovery shake. Photo credit: VegaTeam

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There are many different ways to prepare protein powder. I’ve been using protein powder for over 10 years and here are the 4 different ways that I’ve found to be most effective.


1. Put it in a shaker and mix with water.

For the gym goers, this is the most popular and efficient way to get your protein immediately after a muscle-pounding workout at the gym.

Although most people put their powder in a gym-style shaker, I personally just put mines in a plastic jar. You see, typical protein shakers come with a protruding mouth and a block piece inside that acts as a blender/separator during the shaking. Both pieces are difficult to wash after if you get some wet powder residue stuck in a crevice. A regular jar, like the ones you’ll find peanut butter in, are incredibly easy to clean, as long as your hand can fit inside.

Furthermore, I think the protein shakers are too large – no everyone needs that much water to mix their powder. And if you need more water, you can always just get it at a fountain after you drink your shake.


2. Cup + fork.

The same power can be yours with a cup and a fork.

For most powders, you should be able to break down a single scoop in a coffee mug with a fork. Just drop a scoop of powder in, fill it with water (really cold water makes it harder to dissolve btw), and then stir with a fork to break up the clumps that form at the bottom. You’re basically a mini-egg-beater at this point!

Protein powder is stubborn, so you might have little clumps still swimming around. No worries though – as long as nothing is stuck on the bottom, your mix should pour right into your mouth.


3. Use a blender.

For those that have a quality blender and don’t mind cleaning it up everyday, a blender is the best way to make smooth and delicious protein shakes.

If you’ve ever been to Jamba Juice, you’ll notice that they seem to just dump all sorts of things into a single blender. Some of the things don’t even mix, but it’s okay, because smoothies and shakes are very forgiving towards things that don’t mix or towards things that are naturally hard to eat, like seeds and skin.

For example, if you want a little bit of fruit and fiber with your protein, just drop a banana and a handful of spinach leaves into your blender along with a scoop of protein powder and some milk or water. BOOM – you have yourself a nutrient-rich snack after a couple seconds.


4. Buy ready-to-drink protein shakes.

Time vs money.

That’s what it comes down to when you buy ready-to-drink protein shakes. If you want something that doesn’t require mixing and no cleanup and you’ve got money to burn, then ready-to-drink protein shakes are great for you.

For everyone else though, ready-to-drink protein shakes are incredibly expensive, going for about $2 to $4 a piece at the grocery store.

If you’re vegan, unfortunately, there are no ready-to-drink shakes available at the moment. Hopefully in the future one of the popular vegan protein powder manufacturers will expand into the ready-to-drink market.

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