What is a Vegan?

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The term “vegan” has a lot of people confused. Read this article and learn what exactly a vegan is.   Vegetarian vs Vegan “Vegetarian” is a diverse term and it applies to what people can eat.┬áSome vegetarians can eat eggs. Some vegetarians can eat fish. Some vegetarians are only temporary vegetarians, for example, Catholics are… Read more »

Plants and Vegetables with Proteins

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Vegan meatloaf, made with textured vegetable protein (tofu). Photo credit: Bokchoy Snowpea.

Fear not, vegans, there are plenty of choices out there for you. You just need to know what they are. Here are both powders and foods you can use to ensure you get enough protein in your diet. An important note about plant proteins: not all proteins in plants are “complete.” Some plant proteins have… Read more »

Protein Powder for Women

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Photo credit: Brazil Beach Volleyball. Not associated with Mikasa or Speedo.

Ok, so you’re a woman, and you’ve been hearing about this “protein powder” thing in health news and how it works wonders and can help people with their fitness goals. The problem is that you’re not quite sure which protein powder to take or how much to take. You want to be lean, but not… Read more »

Protein Farts: How do I Stop Them?

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Photo credit: Exercise Tradewinds 2009

Anyone heard of protein farts? You know, the awful gas that passes when you eat too much protein? I’ve had my fair share of protein farts in my past (my apologies to anyone who’s sat within a 5-foot radius during those times) and I want to say that the air I pass is now fresh… Read more »

When Should I Take Protein Powder?

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The proper time to take your protein powder depends on your goals.   Weight training? Take it immediately after your workout. Heavy lifting is good for you and the workout itself will make your testosterone levels spike, but make no mistake, your body registers such intense work as stress and starts to break down afterwards… Read more »

How do I Prepare my Protein Powder?

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A vanilla cherry recovery shake. Photo credit: VegaTeam

There are many different ways to prepare protein powder. I’ve been using protein powder for over 10 years and here are the 4 different ways that I’ve found to be most effective.   1. Put it in a shaker and mix with water. For the gym goers, this is the most popular and efficient way… Read more »

What’s so Great about Protein Powder?

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Protein powder has revolutionized how our bodies get protein. This has given an advantage to everyone who uses protein powder – from those looking to put on muscle to those who want to slim down. Here are 3 reasons why protein powder is useful.   1. Protein powder is easy to take. When it comes… Read more »