Vegan Protein Powders

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Vegan Protein Powder Summary

There are multiple things to look for when deciding on which vegan protein powder to use:

  • type (what is the basis of the protein?)
  • $ per lb (comparing the cost per unit)
  • protein % (grams of protein divided by serving size)
  • flavors (flavored? or just natural?)

The following vegan protein powders are vegan-friendly – they have been manufactured without and do have have traces of animal products or byproducts.

Prices last updated February 17, 2014.

Protein Type
Protein %
Vegan Commentary
Nutribiotic Rice Proteinrice3.00lbs$33.5980.00%vanilla, chocolatelow in sugar, decent price, high protein %
Spirut-Tein High Protein Energy Mealrice, pea, soy2.40lbs$35.1941.18%vanilla
Naturade Pea Protein Vanillapea0.97lbs$13.9954.05%vanillalots of positive reviews regarding taste
Lifetime Life's Basics Plant Protein with Greenspea, hemp, rice, chia seed1.24lbs$23.7461.33%unflavoredcomplete protein profile
Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Powderpea, cranberry, hemp2.20lbs$41.6171.43%chocolate, natural, vanillaQuality brand, interesting mix
Sunwarrior Classic Protein Powderrice2.20lbs$41.6176.19%chocolate, natural, vanillaQuality brand, primarily brown rice
Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi-Fiberhemp3.00lbs$29.9950.00%unflavored100% natural, tastes like you're eating a plant, mixes well, REALLY high fiber
Nutiva Organic Hemp Shakehemp1.00lbs$14.8733.33%chocolate, vanillatastes great, but they do use sugar in it (9g of coconut sugar per serving)
Plant Fusion Diet Supplementpea, artichoke, amaranth, quinoa2.00lbs$30.5070.00%chocolate, chocolate raspberry, cookies n cream, unflavored, vanilla beangood tastes, decent amino acid profile, you may not like chocolate raspberry

Vega Sport Performance Protein Vanillapea, sachainchi savi seed, hemp, rice, alfalfa1.81lbs$49.9969.44%berry, chocolate, vanillatop-of-the-line vegan protein powder, quality amino acid profile, high reviews for taste (except berry!)
Source Naturals Brown Rice Protein Powderrice2.00lbs$18.7975.00%unflavorednatural brown rice protein powder texture and flavor is not that great
Source Naturals Pea Protein Powderpea1.00lbs$13.5077.78%unflavoredlots of people complain about the gritty / sandy texture
Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Seed Protein Powderpumpkin seed1.31lbs$24.2063.33%unflavoredpumpkin seed has a lot of health benefits
Garden of Life RAW Protein12 types of plant sprouts1.38lbs$25.8577.27%chocolate, unflavored, vanillainteresting protein source mix
Jarrow Formulas Optimal Plant Proteinspea, rice, hemp, chlorella, chia seed1.19lbs$14.5960.00%unflavoredthe taste isn't that great
Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Proteinrice1.11lbs$10.7964.71%berry, chocolate, vanilla
Bob's Red Mill Isolated Soy Proteinsoy3.50lbs$33.9976.92%unflavoreddissolves easily, Bob's Red Mill also has other edible soy products like TVP
Alive! Pea Ultra-Shake Powder
Nature's Way Alive Soy Shake
soy or pea2.20lbs$26.0944.12%vanilla, chocolatea blend rather than a normal protein powder, a bit sweet, great as a morning energy drink
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